Dominik Eggermann was born in 1978 in Basel, Switzerland and grew up there.

Ridge Did you study art before taking up full time as an artist? Where?

Dominik Yes, in Luzern between 2000 and 2002.

Ridge When did you come to Berlin and why?

Dominik From Basel in 2002, by train!

Ridge Which artists do you consider most influential or just admire?

Dominik No answer.

Ridge What motivates you to come into the studio each day?

Dominik No motivation its more my nature, it's my life.

Ridge Where would you like to be in 10 years time?

Dominik Still on earth.

Ridge What is your favourite part of Berlin and why?

Dominik No comment.

Ridge Describe your average day in the studio.

Dominik I come into the studio at 11, before I start I drink a coffee and make drawings, or read anatomy books, or literature. Between that, painting and coding, and all others things that could be happen!

Ridge You talk about pictures giving a view or reflecting the rules of society. Is that what motivates you in all your work.

Dominik Yes, breaking and constructing them anew, but there are many more aspects that interest me. For me it all ends in neuro-anatomical processes and surface of perception.

Ridge How have your motivations changed as you have developed?

Dominik My development has more to do with a continuation and specific space and this will affect the form and motivation in my painting.

Ridge You supplement your work as an artist by contract work. Is there any crossovers from your work as an artist into that world or vice versa? If they are so different how do you reconcile them?

Dominik What I do, I do as an artist! And the good thing is, that most of the results are art.

Ridge Some of your canvasses are on wood. What is the driver behind that?

Dominik They are glued on wood, and through that, they have a clean, hard, surface which I find a desirable surface to work on.

Ridge Some of your work takes many years to complete. Is that because you put them to one side for long periods of work on small areas at a time?

Dominik No, every thing has its own time.